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Cretan World Music Festival


The Cretan world Music Festival  takes place in Chania Crete in the month of July. 


With the inspirational input of truly great, internationally recognized musicians, the festival presents  authentic collaborations with a common theme in mystical Crete.


The aim of the festival  is far- reaching and includes ;

Awareness  of the cultural elements and tourism ;

The exchange of creativity and diverse cultures which act as an attraction to musicians of status.

Amongst these are also holders of Grammy awards.



I believe that a festival of this standard who’s emphasis is on musical diversity and excellent standards is a real cultural attraction to both locals and visitors here in Crete. The annual event has been widely supported and acclaimed since it’s inauguration in 2014.

This festival is a musical experience, creating lasting wonderful memories for everyone taking place.


Musicians taking part in this festival have traveled from around the globe: Argentina, Uruguay, Alaska, Holland, Spain, Cuba, USA, Armenia, Venezuela, Turkey, Estonia, Germany Israel, Morocco, and Greece.


Crete is the fifth Largest island in the Mediterranean and the largest islands in Greece, with a population of 623,000 and a record number of tourists this last year of over 4 million.

It  is the place where you can admire the remnants of a brilliant civilization. 

Crete is filled with beauties and treasures, white mountains and beautiful beaches, Cretan Lyra melodies and Beautiful venetian mansions different architectural styles presenting the historical route of the old city of Chania. A paradise for food and wine lovers.

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